Everything You Wanted To Know About Electronic Cigarettes

ecigElectronic cigarettes are a great way to cut down on your smoking habit. The implement can provide exact amounts of nicotine in each puff and actually help a smoker to reduce their nicotine craving and smoking habit over time. However, buying and using mechanical smoking sticks is not easy. To help you out, we’ve created a short guide that should prove helpful.

Start by choosing a good electronic cigarette UK retailer

We are an internationally known retailer of e cigs in the UK and we stock brands from all over the world. We recommend you look at our stock and start with a small local company if you are a recent convert to e cigs. If you are a veteran, take the time to check through our imported e cigarette brands to choose flavors, strengths and varieties to suit your mood and taste. We also stock repairs, liquids and replacement parts in case you require them.

Compare rates

We have the best online rates as compared to any other online retailer. As we are a wholesale company, we buy our e-cigs directly from the manufacturer and this ensures that we get bulk rates. Apart from these discounted rates, we have a sole online presence. That means our overheads are low with no rentals, utility bills and salaries for staff. We transfer these discounts and savings directly to our consumers and the prices on our products reflect these rates. You can always check out the sale and freebie items as well. If you sign up with our newsletter, we will also inform you when popular items or discount sales come up to help you with your purchases.


Apart from being affordable and reliable, we also have a huge section of informational articles. If you are unsure about a particular brand, you can check with our database of articles on how to buy e cigarette and you will get a complete review of the brand. This is a great way to find out whether this brand and company will suit your particular requirements. Our in-house team will also review specific gourmet brands and companies if you request us. Take the time to read our reviews as it could save you time and money while shopping for a new cig brand.

Custom orders

We believe in supplying our customers the best and for that reason, we take custom orders as well. All you have to do is get in touch with our customer service department and tell them exactly what you want. They will source the material, review it and then find the lowest prices for it on the market. If possible, they will also find liquid replacements as quickly as possible and set up repeat orders to ensure that you never run out of liquids.

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