The Electronic Cigarette: The Preferred Method To Quit Smoking

e-cigsOne question that plagues the majority of smokers is the best method to quit smoking. The rise in numbers of smokers wanting to quit can be attributed to the increased awareness of negative health risks, as well as the limited smoking areas. However, it is not as simple as deciding to quit and then doing so – the addiction to nicotine (a substance found in tobacco) is what leads to obsessive usage. The most common methods to quitting smoking are nicotine gum, patches and lozenges; however, they do not assist in satisfying that need for nicotine.

Many smokers are not only addicted to the substance, but also to the habit of ‘smoking’ as an experience. This may be more consuming and difficult to overcome as it involves the sensation of raising the cigarette to the mouth, along with inhaling and exhaling the smoke. By combining this behavior with the nicotine makes smoking doubly difficult to defeat, especially with a patch or gum.

In recent years, a new type of nicotine replacement treatment has emerged on the market – the electronic cigarette. This electronic cigarette is a battery operated device presented in the style of a cigarette. It looks and feels very much like a regular cigarette; in fact it even has a chamber whereby it turns the pure liquid nicotine into vapor. This vapor is then available to ‘puff’ providing the smoker with the smoking behavior experience minus the harmful toxins present in a tobacco cigarette.

It may be argued that the electronic cigarette is not a viable method to assist in quitting smoking. How can a device that promotes smoking behavior be called a nicotine replacement therapy? In fact, how can this be a nicotine replacement therapy if the electronic cigarette presents with a chamber for e-juice which contains nicotine. The e-cig is noted as treatment because of the interchangeable cartridges that slowly reduce the amount and strength of the nicotine in the device. This slow reduction can lead to a gradual quitting.

Another advantage of the electronic cigarette is its cost-effectiveness. Whether you are a social or chronic smoker, the cost of tobacco and tobacco related products can cause a dent in your wallet. The electronic cigarette is by far less expensive than regular cigarettes and can save you a great amount of money each month.

As was aforementioned, one reason many people look at quitting is due to the increased health risks. Individuals who are chronic smokers have a greater chance of suffering from a negative respiratory or heart condition. Furthermore, smoking around others (particularly children) can cause secondary negative health conditions. By using electronic cigarettes these health risks are greatly reduced.

In conclusion, the electronic cigarette is one of the most effective and preferred methods to quitting smoking. It approaches both the substance nicotine and the behavior of smoking as part of a smoker’s addiction creating a more holistic therapeutic process. It is cost-effective, reduces negative health risks, and even has a pleasant smell from the interchangeable cartridge vapors (the most common is cherry).

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